Friday, January 28, 2011

Starting is the hardest part...

Which is why I've been staring at a blinking cursor and a blank page for the past fifteen minutes. It also explains why February is only a few days away and this is the first week that I've really started working on my New Year's resolution. Before I go any farther, I think it's important to know that I've never really been a die-hard resolution maker. The only one that I've ever made was last year, when I promised myself that I'd run more and eat better. But, due to a knee injury and seeing as the dining halls at UNH boast the best cheesey bread ever made in the history of food, I didn't last past April.

So, this time, in an attempt to improve my resolution-keeping skills and to atone for last year's failure, I've made two
adjustments that I think/hope will lead me to success, and they are these:

  1. Back in December, around the time when the internet starts to explode with articles that have headlines like "New Year, New You," I read one of these pieces in the paper that actually gave me some good advice. It said that I am more likely to keep my resolution if my goal is specific. I mean, it makes sense--with a definite target in mind, you have something to aim for, and consequently more motivation, right? I suppose only time will tell.

  1. The second adjustment brings me to the point of this blog, and let me just say that this one didn't come from any articles, I thought of it all by myself. Okay, not entirely by myself; the thought that you'll be more likely to stick with your resolution if you tell other people about it came from the article I mentioned before. The whole blog part though, that was 100% my idea.

Now that I've laid out my plan of attack, all that's left to say is what it is I plan on
attacking. If the URL and the title of this blog haven't already given anything away, I want to run a half marathon this year. Am I crazy? I haven't quite reached a verdict on that one yet, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

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